STEALING THE MOONLIGHT // a jim/bones academy era mix

songs are meant to be roughly in order from first meeting to established relationship (with friendship and confusion in between!)

1. bad sun by the bravery
"there's a hole in you and me that pulls us together"
2. feel like rain by motion city soundtrack
"say something, finally we're alone"
3. crooked teeth by death cab for cutie
"you're so cute when you're slurring your speech"
4. one more night by maroon 5
"there you go again making me love you"
5. stealing the moonlight by gold motel
"the bitter nights are gone now that you came along"
6. cross my heart by marianas trench
"take me home i don't wanna be alone tonight"
7. rooftops by the tender box
"help me now to feel, help me now to need, help me now!"
8. after hours by we are scientists
"say that you'll stay"
9. working man by imagine dragons
"when everything is falling i'm gonna do the things you do"
10. the escapist by coldplay
"we lie awake and we dream of making our escape"
11. rise up by the tender box
"we've seen this all before; broken bottles, passed out on floor"
12. passenger seat by death cab for cutie
"when you need directions, i'll be the guide, for all time"

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